Spanish Lab exporters to South America

We Bryophyte have finished a new project for one of our clients. We were commanded to investigate the status of the current net of spanish lab  distributors landing in South America. We cannot display any of the conclussions but we take profit of this to review this issue. At Bryophyte we are open to your market research enquiries like this or other demands with regards to spanish lab distributors

There has always been a high vinculation between spanish manufacturers and dealers and South America clients (Latam market or better named Hispanoamérica since this name applies also  to Mexico and all Centroamérica countries like Honduras or Panama, etc)

Transactions for any kind of laboratory instruments and disposables between spanish lab companies and hispanoamerican Institutions, Universities and labs were always easy due to our cultural links and why not due  to the ease of understanding with our common language. However for decades the biggest help to enhance this collaboration has been the existance of the FAD founds. FAD (Fondos de Ayuda al Desarrollo) was a spanish government initiative lasting till 2010, a bit after the big economy crisis in 2008.

The biggest companies involved on that collaboration were traders like Eductrade, Sucomex, Eduinter, Sucomex, Equinse and Makiber. Some of them still exist and some others like Equinse had to close. But other than these quite a few Laboratory Instruments manufacturers (Selecta)  and Glassware dealers (Pobel)  took profit of this growth to become more of a Catalogue Vendor and get a good bunch of these international tenders directly or through any of the brokers, traders or dealers doing  direct business with Hispanoamérica. But also for two decades some of these spanish companies built up a structure to grow that business, so they hired export managers who travelled on a regular basis and created a network of local dealers. They also made their catalogue wider and wider to cope with all kind of demands. We had also a number of local distributors with strong subsidiaries in Cuba and others with offices in Colombia and Ecuador.

So, What remains of that Golden Age when millions of euro were awarded in public tenders to spanish players of the Laboratory Business? The major part of the big traders are still alive, but many of the small size traders dissapeared or have reoriented their Lab Division to a mere customs/transport broker. What about the local dealers and some catalogue vendors?

Nowadays, the ecosystem of companies dealing on a regular basis with Hispanoamerican countries has changed a lot

This is the kind of investigation we can do for you at Bryophyte


Publicado por Mariano Guzman

Soy un profesional de la Venta Científica y Técnica con 27 años de experiencia. Soy Biólogo Molecular, Master en Dirección Comercial y Marketing por ESIC, y Master en Digital Business por ICEMD. Dirijo equipos de venta, Jefes de Producto y Equipos de Marketing Soy consultor y ayudo a empresas del sector laboratorio en marketing y desarrollo de negocio


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